Educational Institutes today need a well designed and well equipped auditorium. The auditoriums need to be equipped with high end state of the art equipments to conduct interactions across large masses of people.

Benefits of well equipped auditorium-
  • A well equipped auditorium reduces the cost of hiring equipments. This will depreciate the total cost of conducting an event.
  • Broadcasting of events will be possible to any part of the world with high end audio visual solutions.
  • A high tech auditorium will ensure high quality audio visual experience throughout the hall of the auditorium.

Features which can be incorporated:
  • Multi input display with multi window option allows video, PC and TV inputs can be displayed simultaneously.
  • No loss or distortion of sound due to well designed acoustics.
  • A high definition video conferencing along with multimedia and data sharing across the world will be possible.
  • Audience polls with real time results will be possible.
  • Microprocessor based touch panel control system which will allow the ease of operation.
  • Pre set lighting system and motorized curtain for the stage can be incorporated.
  • Reclining seating arrangements for the complete auditorium can be designed.