Reception Areas

As vital as a handshake or a smile in creating that all important first impression, your reception area tells your customers, suppliers and employees what sort of company you are. Your reception area defines your brand as much as your latest advertising campaign and hence deserves investment.

Presentation screens looping through your material, bespoke information pages including local travel and weather updates, advertising campaigns, TV distribution, the possibilities are endless… or perhaps just something simple; a bespoke greeting for a client that ensures your meeting gets off to a good start. Laser has a considerable experience in designing and implementing AV installations for large atriums, smaller reception areas and other halls. Our solutions can cater for single screens to individual information distributed to multiple monitors in different areas. Years of experience have confirmed, creating a “visual environment” at the reception can really can set a tone, enhance your company image and ensure an embarking first impression.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and we help you build just that.