TelePresence is a combination of cutting edge audio, video and network enterprise solutions, also hardware optimized environments and a software glue that holds the elements together to make the best high definition video Presence available in industry today. TelePresence is a technology. It’s a very new, Unique, innovated technology that creates in presence, high definition, virtual meeting possible. And also Telepresence makes these things work for your work, as well as for personal life over an enterprise network. You know predominantly it’s about productivity, getting people in front of others and in a very virtual environment, but creating that in presence experience is key. Also, TelePresence is about improved responsiveness for sales teams to be responding to customers, to be in presence of customers, also for subject matters to get in front of the customers very easily and fast, so TelePresence enables that, also improved communication, collaboration with coworkers, partners, and customers. This is a global economy and you know the world